Are you seeing slow or incomplete deliverables from your development teams?
We can work together to get all of your teams thinking with a product-centric mindset, and delivering real value to customers on a regular basis, validating cross-functional collaboration via specific feedback loops on every feature & team.
…product managers & designers handing off work and not understanding its impact?
We can team up to ensure that your teams are working together, all invested in the same outcomes and all learning from the same customer feedback and behavior, creating a feedback loop for great customer impact and team investment.
…developers always complaining about tech debt without any realistic solution in sight?
We can partner to create a technical vision matching your overall product vision, and use that to prioritize a specific, outcome-driven technical roadmap that addresses the biggest pain points of developer productivity.

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Co-create a unified product vision with your team

Co-create a technical vision with your engineering team

Establish a product-first mindset across your teams

Implement a lightweight product delivery process across your product functions

Build feedback loops into your product & processes

Coach your leaders on writing & delivering large-group communications

Coach your managers on leading career development

Customize a career development framework for your company’s roles

Assess your system architecture & help build a technical roadmap

Implement a product reliability strategy & improvement roadmap

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About the Principal

Bradford Fults’s head

My name is Bradford Fults and I have over 25 years of experience in large-scale B2C and B2B enterprise organizations, in both software-native and tech-enabled services businesses, and from the smallest teams up to integrated cross-product portfolio delivery teams of 1,000 people.

I bring a sharp eye, effective practices, and proven teaching and change management methods to achieve the lasting change you seek in your business, all the way to the balance sheet. I am an accomplished leader of organizations and a technically-minded engineer, able to quickly assess both people and systems and then to forecast and integrate the capabilities of product & engineering with the rest of the business.